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Shakespeare once asked, “What is in a name?”  Well, our mission at Oh Baby! Names is simple: to answer that question as comprehensively as we can!  Names are never given accidentally; they are carefully chosen and bestowed according to the rules that reflect fundamental features of the society and culture concerned. There are so many elements to names and the naming process in general. It’s a fascinating study on so many levels: etymology, linguistics, cultures, trends, religion, literary and pop-culture influences, and so much more. Your name not only speaks loudly about YOU and provides one of the very first impressions you give out into the world, but it also reveals the values and ideals of your parents and your society at large.

We are a motley-crew of people who are passionate about the rituals around naming, and we are committed to the dissemination of accurate information to our users through our own rigorous research – in the hopes that we may play some small part in helping you through the process of naming your child.  Our goal is to have the most comprehensive content for names on the Internet contained within the best website.

Our Team

Julie Hackett


Julie Hackett has spent the last five years working on the concept for Oh Baby! Names. She holds a BA degree in English Literature from the University of California at Berkeley. Anal-retentive by nature, Julie has spent tens of thousands of hours researching each individual name, and demanding the highest standards of content accuracy. Her favorite girl’s name is Delilah, and her favorite boy’s name is Julian



Masayuki Tanaka is Oh Baby! Names’ Everyman. He handles all of the operations, from marketing to engineering. He has spent an illustrious career in Internet advertising sales and business development. Oh Baby! Names has given him a chance to do what he loves most: bringing valuable content online and building satisfied user bases. Masayuki holds a degree from San Francisco State University in International Relations. His favorite girl’s name is Emma, and his favorite boy’s name is Noah.

Catherine Hall


Catherine not only holds a B.A. in English Literature, but she also received her Masters in Library Sciences, both from the University of California, Berkeley. Now retired from her old “day job” as an Insurance Executive, Catherine can finally get down to doing the thing she loves most: writing. Researcher, writer and editor, Catherine wears many hats at Oh Baby! Names. Her favorite girl’s name is Regan and her favorite boy’s name is Francis.


VP of Best Dog

Lance Corporal Chico Rodriguez has been a motivating force at OhBabyNames for the past several years until his recent and unexpected passing from an aggressive form of cancer. His friendly and loveable energy brightened the office everyday and we miss him dearly. We now dedicate our website to his memory. Rest in Peace Little Buddy. Go herd the angels in heaven and be happy for eternity. October 31, 2003 to February 6, 2012. His favorite boy’s name was Franklin (his pre-adoption name) and his favorite girl’s name was Charlotte (the pre-adoption name of his sister, Nala).

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