Etymology & Historical Origin of the Baby Name Bridget

Bridget is arguably the most successful female name of all time within Celtic communities. The name is related to the Celtic noun “brígh” meaning ‘power, strength, vigor and virtue’. There are compelling reasons for the popularity of the name Bridget most notably among the Irish people. In Irish mythology, Brighid was an important pagan deity foremost associated with fire: the fire of inspiration and poetry; of healing and fertility; and of blacksmith and martial arts. She was born at the hours of dawn and lit up the sky with her fiery flames. She was the daughter of Dagda, the all-powerful “father god” and protector of the tribe, and she was the wife of Bres, man-god of agriculture. Her name means “exalted one” or “the high goddess” from the Celtic word “breed”. In some legends, Brighid is said to have forged Excalibur (King Arthur’s sword) due to her fiery smithcraft skills. Brighid and Bres came from two warring tribes in Ireland. They hoped their union would put an end to the bad blood that existed between the clans. Together they had three warrior sons, one of whom (Ruadan) was killed on the battlefield. This event sent Brighid into such deep morning and acute lament – her grief was enormous. Her keening and heart rendering howls were said to have been heard throughout Ireland which effected unity among the Celts. Later, as Christianity mixed with the ancient paganism of the Gaelic Celts, Brighid became known as Muime Chriosd, "Foster-Mother of Christ" and was said to have swaddled the baby Jesus at Mary’s hour of weakness. By medieval times, praying to Brighid brought protection and she was said to have leaned over every cradle watching over newborn babies. The legends and lore of this illustrious goddess continue to this day and is perhaps the most well-known of all Gaelic deities. This lovely “Flame of Ireland” will forever burn brightly. Eventually, as Christianity took over Ireland, the goddess Brighid was fused with and adapted into the cult of Saint Brigit. The 4th and 5th century Saint Brigit is one of Ireland’s patron saints and probably second in popularity among the Irish people after St. Patrick. Indeed, she is one of the most powerful religious figures in Irish history. Her parents were baptized by St. Patrick himself and she formed a close bond with this important Irish character. The pious Saint Brigit was drawn into religious life early and “took the veil” (i.e. became a nun) in her youth. She is known for her extraordinary spirituality, boundless generosity to the poor and deep compassion for those in distress. At the age of 17, Brigit became the first Irish Abbess of a convent she herself founded in Kildare. Her clean living obviously had an impact on her longevity as St. Brigit died in Kildare on February 1, 524 past the age of 70. In the 9th century amidst Scandinavian raids in Ireland, St. Brigit’s relics were purportedly taken to the tomb of St. Patrick where they remain alongside her fellow Irish patron saint. Given the pagan goddess and the Christian St. Brigit’s enduring importance in Ireland, it’s no surprise that the name has come to us in many forms: Bríd, Brighid, Brigid, Brigit, Breda, Bride (Irish); Bridget, Bridgette (English); Brigitte (French); Brigitta, Brigitte, Gitta, Gitte (German); Birgit, Brigitta, Brita, Britt, Gittan (Scandinavian); and Brígida (Spanish and Portuguese). Diminutives of this name include Biddy, Bridey and Bee.

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Not surprisingly, given the influence of the Irish in America, Bridget has maintained a spot on the female naming charts since the government first began tracking this information back in 1880. The name pretty much experienced low to moderate usage in the first half of the 20th century – mainly isolated to Irish immigrants relegated to domestic work and maid service. Her growth in popularity in the latter half of the 20th century was slow and deliberate. The high point of Bridget’s success was definitely during the 1970s, at which time she almost managed to achieve a spot on the Top 100 (she hit #112 in 1973). This name often shows up on the rolls in the state of Massachusetts where (not coincidentally) there exists the largest per capita population of Irish Americans. Like Erin, Caitlín, Ciara, Colleen, Sinéad or Siobhan – Bridget is a distinctively Irish female name. Although there is clearly crossover appeal and versions of this name exist in many different languages, Bridget is probably a name most appealing for parents of Irish descent – and proud of it! In fact, Bridget became a generic term for a woman from Ireland so connected is she to her Irish roots. Not only does Bridget mean “exalted one”, but she is a figure of much respect among Irish people adding evidence to her meaning. One of the most famous French actresses of the 1960s, Brigitte Bardot, added a dose of gorgeous sex-kitten to this name. One part saint, two parts sexy and three parts goddess. Is your baby girl a “high goddess”? We have no doubt that you believe so. We say go ahead – Embrace that inner Irish goddess!

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Exalted one; The High Goddess




Highly Intuitive

Spiritual Teacher

Extremely Bright



Cultural References to the Baby Name – Bridget

Literary Characters


Mark Darcy is a character in the Bridget Jones series, created by British author Helen Fielding initially as a newspaper column in the 1990s. He is a barrister (the veddy British term for lawyer) who is one of the men in Bridget’s life. In the screen adaptations, he is played by Colin Firth, famous for playing another “Mr. Darcy”. A rather stuffy example of a certain upper class male, he shares more than his name with his literary counterpart, being quite handsome, well-moneyed and, it must be said, rather supercilious. As the series (not the movie) ended, Bridget is a new mother (but not by Mr. Darcy) and considering Mr. Darcy’s proposal to adopt the child. So, in addition to his other qualities, he is philanthropic as well!

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Popular Songs


Bridget O'Malley
an Irish song by Silly Wizard

Famous People


Bridget Fonda (actress)
Bridget Hall (model)
Bridget Moynahan (actress)
Bridget Marquardt (reality TV)
Brigitte Bardot (French actress)

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