Etymology & Historical Origin of the Baby Name Reginald

Reginald is an English masculine name developed from the Germanic Raginald derived from the elements “ragin” meaning “advice, counsel” and “wald” meaning “rule”. An older cognate existed in England prior to the Norman Conquest of 1066, but the Latinized version brought to England by the French (i.e., Reginaldus) reinforced to usage of this old Germanic name in its newest form: Reginald. It was quite common throughout the Middle Ages. Many of the Germanic and Celtic given names incorporated “ruler”, “chief” or “warrior” type meanings due to the constant atmosphere of warring tribes and the importance of effective leadership among warriors in battle. Reginald is an example of a “wise ruler” or effective “rule” through “counsel”. The short forms of Reg and Reggie have also been in use for a long time. Reginald in other variations include Reynaud (French), Rinaldo (Italiian), Reinhold (German) and Ronald (Scottish). Reginald is not a very common name among English speakers today.

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Reginald is another example of a long enduring name in America. It dates back to the late 19th century (1880) which is as far back as we have data. Not only that, but Reginald as always been used with respectable moderation. Never a super popular or trendy choice, Reginald has nonetheless managed to stay in constant usage at decent levels for well over 100 years. The high point of Reginald’s popularity was during the 1960s and early 70s when he almost (but not quite) landed on the Top 100 list of most commonly used boy names in the country. This may have been influenced by well-known baseball player Reginald “Reggie” Jackson. Since the late 1970s, however, the name Reginald has been declining in usage; in fact, his drops on the charts have become more pronounced in the past 15+ years suggesting that old Reginald is fast going out of style. Reginald is one of those ancient Germanic names that come across as off-beat and charming in today’s world. It’s also a name with athletic cachet thanks not only to Reggie Jackson (baseball), but also Reggie Miller (basketball), Reggie Bush and Reggie White (football). All of these Reggies were born Reginalds. In the early 1990s a man by the name of Reginald Lewis became the first African-American man to build a billion dollar company (Beatrice Foods) – sounds like a “wise ruler” to us! The Reginald/Reggie name has always been embraced within the African-American community as well. Oh and here’s one last factoid for you: the birth name of megastar Elton John was…you guessed it, Reginald.

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Cultural References to the Baby Name – Reginald

Literary Characters


Reginald Wilfer is a character in Charles Dickens’ final novel, Our Mutual Friend, first published in serial form between 1864 and 1865. Reginald is the father of Bella Wilfer, the heroine, and he is a most kindly and loving father indeed. This is fortunate for the formation of Bella’s character, as she does not fare so well on her mother’s side. Reginald toils without complaint as a lowly clerk in order to provide as good a life as possible for his children and his impossible-to-satisfy wife. His only wish for himself is that he would dearly love to be able to afford one complete outfit at one time, where the coat did not get shiny before the boots wore out. So self-effacing is the good Reginald that he will only sign his name as “R. Wilfer”, feeling that “Reginald” is too grand a name for the likes of him. When Bella is set to marry the impecunious “John Rokesmith”, her mother is angry, but Reginald supports her wholeheartedly in her intention to marry for love, not money. It is no wonder that Bella calls her father the “Cherub” – so do we!

Reggie Mantle is a major character in the Archie comics series, which debuted in 1942. He is the rich boy in town, son of the owner of newspaper, The Riverdale Gazette. Reggie is the all-around popular boy in high school, much to his own satisfaction, and he excels as an athlete, although not always abiding strictly by the rulebook. Reggie is tall, dark and handsome, and he often refers to himself, albeit immodestly, as “Mantle, the Magnificent”. As a bassist in the boys’ band, The Archies, Reggie considers himself quite the star, but is not above hiring groupies to swoon and shout out his name during performances. His love interest is Veronica, for whose affections he competes with Archie. Although they often date, it is clear to us (if not always to Reggie) that Archie is her favorite. Reginald has a heart of gold hidden beneath that egotistic exterior, but we don’t really care. He’s a bad boy, and we like bad boys!

Reginald Jeeves (typically known as just Jeeves) is the proper British valet to Bertie Wooster in the fictional works of P. G. Wodehouse, created by him in 1915 and lasting until Wodehouse’s final novel in 1974. He has made a graceful transition to radio, film, plays and television, and even inspired the Internet search engine Ask Jeeves. The important distinction between a valet and a butler, should you need to ask (we did), is that a valet serves a gentleman; a butler serves a household. Put that in your Downton Abbey book of information. Reginald Jeeves has become a generic word for the quintessential British upper class gentleman’s gentleman, and the evocation of his name conjures up nostalgic images of a pre-war Britain that was a paradise for those who could afford it. And those were the types that the Reginald Jeeveses so ably catered to. The underlying premise, of course, is that the servant is master to the master, both in his discretion and in his unerring knowledge of the ways of the gentry, and that the master would be little without him. Be that as it may, and we love the Reginald Jeeveses of fact and fiction, we still think it would be preferable to be the servee.

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Famous People


Reginald Kenneth Dwight (birth name of Elton John, musician)
Reginald "Reggie" Jackson (baseball player)
Reginald “Reggie” Bush (football player)
Reginald "Reggie" Miller (basketball player)
Reginald “Reggie" White (football player): Reginald Lewis (American businessman)
Reginald "Hooley" Smith (hockey player)

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