Etymology & Historical Origin of the Baby Name Willie

Willie is a pet form of the English masculine name William. The German Wilhelm and the French Guillaume eventually gave way to the English William. The name is derived from the Germanic elements “wil” meaning “will, desire” and “helm” meaning “helmet, protection.” Put those two words together and you’ve got a desire to protect; thus, the name William has come to stand for a “valiant protector”. William is by far the most successful and enduring of all the Old French names of Germanic origin. The name William was brought to England by way of the Norman Conquest in 1066. Ironically, the military leader of the conquest was William the Duke of Normandy, who later became William the Conqueror – and, of course, after his successful invasion, became King of England. Not only did his reign carry Norman-French culture to England, but it also brought an almost immediate impact to the English language and an abrupt shift in naming practices. Gone were the days of names like Drogo, Aethelred and Radulf. The defeated Anglo-Saxons wanted to assimilate. Very quickly, William became a top favorite throughout England where it has parked itself for almost a millennium. There have been a total of four Kings of England who have been named William – with a fifth one on the way (Prince William will succeed his father Prince Charles to the throne one day). Many short forms have developed from Bill to Billy, Will to Willie, not to mention the Irish Liam. Due to the endurance and popularity of William among English speakers, it’s no surprise that all of these pet forms have developed into independently given names in their own right. Willie is also used as a nickname for girls named Wilma and Wilhelmina (female equivalents of William).

All About the Baby Name – Willie



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The colloquial little Willie has maintained a position on the Top 1000 list for well over 100 years. In fact, this name was a Top 50 favorite up until the middle of the 20th century. Willie reached his apex in 1910 when it was the 11th most popular baby boy’s name nationwide – pretty amazing for such an informal name! Willie would fall off the Top 100 list in 1969 and continue his slow and steady downward trend from there. Today the name Willie is a low-moderate favorite. For baseball fans out there (particularly African-American), Willie is a name with a ton of cachet. Just consider the following Baseball Hall of Famers: Willie Mays, Willie McCovey and Willie Stargell. And country music fans can’t help but to think of the “outlaw” Willie Nelson. No doubt, Willie is a cool name – totally laid-back, friendly and approachable.

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Cultural References to the Baby Name – Willie

Literary Characters


Willie Stark is the redoubtable protagonist of Robert Penn Warren’s Pulitzer Prize winning novel, All the King’s Men, published in 1946, and from which a memorable movie was made in 1949. Willie “The Boss” Stark is the quintessential politician - cynical, ambitious and conniving. Beginning his political life as an impoverished idealistic lawyer, Willie evolves into the powerful and corrupt governor of a Southern state, who has bought and intimidated his way into an untouchable position. Along the way, he fails as a husband, father and mentor, leaving a path of destruction in his wake. But Fate has in store for him a good, strong dose of his own medicine – in trumps. When Willie’s comeuppance arrives, we are inevitably satisfied with the inevitable outcome.

Childrens Books


We cannot find any childrens books with the first name Willie

Popular Songs


Willie and Laura Mae Jones
a song by Waylon Jennings

Willie Waylon and Me
a song by David Allan Coe

Willie Was a Gamblin' Man
a song by Ferlin Husky

Willie the Wimp
a song by Stevie Ray Vaughan

Willie the Weeper
a song by Billy Walker

Willie the Pimp
a song by Frank Zappa

Willie and the Hand Jive
a song by Eric Clapton

a song by Cat Power

What Would Willie Do
a song by Gary Allan

Weed with Willie
a song by Toby Keith

Waylon, Willie and Me
a song by David Allen Coe

Toll Booth Willie
a song by Adam Sandler

Sorry Willie
a song by Willie Nelson

Shotgun Willie
a song by Willie Nelson

Rambling, Gambling Willie
a song by Bob Dylan

Kissing Willie
a song by Jethro Tull

Keep Your Promise Willie Thomas
a song by Hank Snow

Don't Touch My Willie
a song by Kevin Fowler

Country Willie
a song by Willie Nelson

Cat-Eye Willie Claims His Lover
a song by Dave Carter

Blind Willie McTell
a song by The Band

Big Willie Style
a song by Will Smith

Big Willie
a song by Run-D.M.C.

Willie, Waylon and Me
a song by David Allan Coe

Famous People


Willie Mays (baseball player)
Willie Nelson (country musician)
Willie McCovey (baseball player)
Willie Brown (politician)
William "Willie" Dixon (blues musician)
William "Willie" Carson (horse jockey)
Wilver "Willie" Stargell (baseball player)
William "Willie" Hutch (singer/songwriter)
Willie Randolph (baseball player)

Children of Famous People


We cannot find any children of famous people with the first name Willie

Historic Figures


Willie Nelson is the mellow singing, you-know-what-kicking, Master of Country Music, in capitals! He writes prose and poetry as well as music, he has acted in dozens of films and he is a highly visible activist for various social causes. One of those causes is very dear to his own heart – that of the legalization of marijuana. Over the years, Willie evolved from a short-haired, suit wearing performer into the grey-bearded, long-haired, aging hippie who clearly doesn’t give a damn what you think of him. And we think the world of him – his voice is honey sifted through gravel, distinguishing such classics as “Honeysuckle Rose”, “Blue Eyes Crying in the Rain” and “On the Road Again”. Over the years, in addition to his illustrious solo career, Willie has paired or grouped with other notable bad boys, such as Waylon Jennings, Kris Kristofferson and Johnny Cash. It is our fond hope that this Outlaw will go on trucking forever!

Willie Mays is one of sports’ most beloved figures and arguably the greatest baseball player of all time. Willie, the “Say Hey Kid”, spent almost his entire career with first, the New York Giants and then, the San Francisco Giants. His number, 24, has been retired by the team (although Willie offered it to his godson, Barry Bonds). He holds numerous records and awards, including World Series championships, MVPs, Hall of Fame membership, Player of the Decade and the honor of a statue of him outside San Francisco’s ball park. Willie Mays has hobnobbed with kings and presidents, with children and charwomen, and everyone is the better for their association with him. He is a latter day elder statesman of sort, a dignified and gracious reminder of a finer, nobler time in sports.