Symbol:                 The Lion
Planet:                   Sun
Element:                Fire
Best Trait:             Exuberance
Worst Trait:           Arrogance
Keyword:                I WILL
If you’re due to have a Leo baby, prepare to move over and make room for this new center of the universe. Yes, we know that all precious babies are the centers of their parents’ universe, but the kingly lion is truly the center of the universe (including his or her own). Ruled by the Sun, which also happens to be the actual center of our universe, this is no accident. You can probably tell right away, within minutes of his or her birth, that regal quality emanating from the proverbial perch already firmly placed beneath him. He’s already looking down upon his kingdom eagerly waiting to get the party started.
Oh the Leo. How can you not just love a Leo? Their natural sunny dispositions and extroverted personalities win you over in an instant. It’s not to say that they don’t come with a whole other host of traits which can be trying for the ill-equipped parent against this gigantic personality. Leo children bask in the sunlight and need to be the center of attention. Still, they are maddeningly irresistible.
His or Her Majesty expects to be waited on and made a fuss over. If you make the bad mistake of spoiling a young Leo then you’ll have an impossible little monster to contend with, so take care to teach them early that he/she isn’t the only person living in his universe.  Try not to wait on them hand and foot because they will let you. The Leo child doesn’t like to do their chores or any boring old task which includes everything from brushing their teeth to cleaning up after themselves at the table. They need to be taught early on to help around the house so they understand the importance of teamwork. It’s like training a puppy – if you don’t put in the intensive work at an early age, you’ll have three or four times the work when they’re young children. Don’t let them set their own rules or you’ll be in for a world of regret later on. We think about the lion as the king of the jungle because of that fierce self-preservation and ability to intimidate all other creatures. But if you think about the cat, it’s also an occasionally lazy animal who likes to lie around and sleep a lot. So be prepared for your little Leo’s spells of laziness and indolence. They are also good little sleepers.
Physicality is a big trait with the Leo, even the little lionesses are occasional tom-boys. Always on the go and eager to lead the neighborhood gang in all sorts of fun adventures, the little lion can be reckless in their play. They have a daring-do attitude and a flair for drama so he’ll be climbing the fences, jumping the skateboards, and swinging from the trees, often showing off for their pals. This makes them prone to many a scraped knee or broken bone. They are just courageous and bold; almost completely unafraid. They’ll be drawn to most physical sports and will probably excel at them. They should be given the freedom to hone their talents and let loose that energy. Because they are born with so much confidence and self-assurance, there is also a danger they’ll be boastful and immodest. This is something for parents to look out for at an early age. Confidence is a trait you want to preserve, but don’t let it grow into arrogance.
Leos need freedom in which to grow and experiment. Don’t suppress that natural enthusiasm and zeal. It’s a difficult line parents of Leos must walk. Emotionally your little Leo can be turbulent and dramatic and really (and we mean really) try your patience. But he is also very needy for love, attention and applause. If you don’t give him enough attention, he’ll create his own. And with the Leo’s innate instinct for getting noticed, coupled with his flair for dramatics, you’re in for a very long day. What can I do? you ask desperately. Start early and be consistent and focused with this child – your little lion will most likely require more hands-on parenting than your other little rug-rats. The key is sincerity. First of all, Leos are naturally confident so it doesn’t take much flattery and praise to keep them encouraged and happy, but it must be real. Their Achilles Heel is their pride and that oversized ego. The way to break them is to damage that pride, so don’t lie to them. And try not to discipline them in public or in front of other people (they find such public assaults on their pride rather undignified). They’ll likely just act out more. You must be a role model to this child. You can’t just talk the talk, you must walk the walk. You can’t use arguments like “because I said so” or “that’s just the way it is”. You need to explain exactly why what you say, do and feel is important in the scheme of life.  They can be insensitive children so they need to understand the importance of compassion and how it will serve them well in life. Appeal to their vanity and pride in all lessons if you want a good output. He likes to feel superior to others, so turn it on him. Explain how [insert whatever you want here] will elevate his stature among others.
Leos are very intelligent and should do quite well in school. Although bringing it out often requires the most patient of teachers.  It’s that problem with authority we discussed earlier. Leos want to do what they want to do and exactly when they want to do it. And they don’t appreciate being told otherwise. In school, the Leo child can often be unruly or the class-clown in his effort to seek that limelight he so readily enjoys basking in. The frustrating thing is that Leos come into the world with a host of god-given talents, so he has the ability to overachieve if directed properly. Be vigilant of his study habits and develop them quickly to ward off his proclivity for laziness. Again, appeal to his or her vanity to get the desired result.  How doing well in school will give him all the accolades, praise and awards he’s so hungry for.
Yes, little Lions can be a handful, but Leo children have a friendly nature that generally endears them to everyone. They are lively, talkative and enjoy being around people.  They project a sense of excitement that’s both infectious and inviting. Leos are warm-hearted and generous, but also have no doubt about their lofty position in life. Some notable Leos include Napoleon Bonaparte, Fidel Castro, Bill Clinton and Barack Obama. Prominent female Leos are : Amelia Earhart, Madonna, Martha Stewart, and Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis. Seeing a theme here? Successful, charismatic and fearless leaders. That’s what you have on your hands.  Bring the most out of your little lion(ess) and you too will be the parent of greatness one day.


Best Traits of the Leo: confident, expressive, romantic, clever, noble, enterprising, loyal, gracious, friendly and fun, warm hearted, cheerful, determined, encouraging, energetic, irrepressible, courageous, generous, born to rule
Worst Traits of the Leo: arrogant, pushy, stubborn, jealous, brash, vain, dogmatic, haughty, smug, cunning, proud, over ambitious, patronizing, lustful, temperamental, controlling, pompous, bossy, interfering
Recommended Children’s Books for the Leo Child
Children’s Book Author Why?
Where the Wild Things Are Maurice Sendak
It’s a tale of suspense, action and fun which will appeal to the fearless and fun-loving Leo.
Don’t Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus! Mo Willems
A delightful story which illuminates the tactics typically used by small children who don’t get their way (just like a Leo!)
No, David! David Shannon
A story about the word “No!” – a word most distasteful to the Leo child.
Fancy Nancy Jane O’Connor
Fancy Nancy likes all things fancy – and the fancier the better. Good for Little Leo girls who like to play dress-up.
The Lion & the Mouse  Aesop, adapted by Jerry Pinkney Both a tale and a parable about two unlikely friends. Teaches the ferocious lion the meaning of loyalty and compassion.
Olivia Ian Falconer The story of a naturally active and curious child who wears her mother out each day. Sound familiar?
The Tale of Peter Rabbit Beatrix Potter The classic tale of a naughty little rabbit who must learn his lessons the hard way.
Mike Mulligan and His Steam Shovel Virginia Lee Burton Little Leo boys will love the physicality of this story of a man and his steam-shovel who save the day.
Kitten’s First Full Moon Kevin Henkes Your little Lion will respond to this silly kitten who thinks the moon is a bowl of milk in the sky placed there just for her.
Library Lion Michelle Knudsen A lesson about rules as illustrated by a Lion who visits a library.