Symbol:                The Fish
Planet:                  Neptune
Element:               Water
Best Trait:            Multi-talented
Worst Trait:          Indecisive
Keyword:               I BELIEVE
So you have a little Pisces on your hands? Get ready to live in a new dimension.  You may have given birth to your little baby in the delivery room, but rest assured, this one came straight from the other-world loaded with fairy dust and mystery. S(h)e probably came straight off a wagon hitched to a star from the sky and dropped unsuspectingly into your lap in the hospital. Pisces is the sign of imagination and fantasies. They almost live in another spiritual world, tapped into some other knowledge the rest of us simply cannot understand. Well, lucky you. This little baby is a delightful enchantment who will bring a new richness to your life.
Not stubborn like the little Taurus or demanding like the little Leo. Nor peculiar like the Virgo or bossy like the Aries, Pisces will charm you with his winning smile and far-off eyes. This one is also a little less predictable. He may be a crier or he may be a smiler in the crib; he may go to sleep at bedtime or he may resist; he may eat what you serve or he may sweetly (but firmly) refuse. We wish we could better prepare you; but we can’t. Capriciousness is the hallmark of this child. One thing we can tell you: Pisces want to please; they viscerally hate disharmony. Make bedtime fun or use the choo-choo train food-feeding method while feeding him. Be interesting; be silly and imaginative when you want something from your little Fish. Their attachments to people and animals are far more important to them than toys or books. They live and breathe to love and be loved. Human touch, hugs, attention, encouragement, praises – these are things you should shower on this child more than most. Why? They naturally doubt their own worth and look to others for validation. By giving this child a firm foundation early on, you’re essentially guaranteeing a successful outcome as they grow to be more independent. This is the child that needs parental praise and attention more than any other sign. Your efforts will pay off. Your little Pisces desperately needs to believe in himself. When he does, there’s no telling what he can accomplish. George Washington and Albert Einstein were both Pisces.
If you like routine and time-schedules, well, you might as well throw away your clock and live without wearing a watch from now on. Set schedules and time-expectations are enemies to a Pisces and they’ll do everything within their little powers to avoid them. You see, they don’t quite operate on our own sense of time. They want to sleep when they feel like it, eat when they’re ready and play when it fits their fancy. They aren’t big tantrum throwers, but they somehow weaken your defenses with their soulful eyes and sweet “I no wanna” statements. Get ready to live in the “grey area” because there’s no such thing as black-and-white to a Pisces and you’ll go blue before you’re able to convince them to stick to a routine. They need movement and freedom to feed their creativity and little imaginations.
Can we talk about the Piscean imagination now? Don’t worry; you’ll mostly be delighted. Your little Pisces will engage and entertain himself with toys or no toys, with playmates or no playmates. He or she will ask you again and again to read “Peter Pan” and “Alice in Wonderland” at bedtime.  His ability to live in a fantasy world will astound you. It’s a precious trait that protects him from the harshness of reality. This little babe will hold fast to his belief in Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny. When the rest of the kids figure it out; he’ll be three years behind them. Parents who don’t want their children to “grow-up” will be thankful for their little gullible Pisces. However, it is important that you teach them to distinguish between fantasy and reality so they don’t retreat to their dream world too often. It’s a hard task because you want to accomplish this without compromising their innate innocence and belief in goodness. Their little world is real but delicate.
Pisces are not leaders but they’re also not followers. They just want to be friends with the other kids and be liked by them in turn. Unfortunately, this can make them prone to bullying when other kids ruthlessly detect their naiveté. Pisces are very non-aggressive and naturally have a hard time standing up for themselves (since they’re usually busy looking out for the underdog). Pisces children are usually shy at first, but they tend to win over almost all children in the end. Their easy-going, kind, imaginative and generally fun-loving natures pretty much ensure their ultra-popularity on the playground.
In school, Pisces children tend to gravitate toward creative subjects that don’t demand fitting a square peg into a square hole. They like to be inspired by art, music, dance, creative writing, drama, or even wood shop and astronomy. They may do well in math and science, but it’s likely to bore them. It’s the “only one answer” to the problem that he finds so tiresome but as these subjects become more complex with abstract theories and creative thought – he’s likely to do quite well. His teacher will be frustrated by his unique methods of learning as he resists the structured techniques forced upon him at school. Then she’ll be amazed when he aces her test. The whole time she was certain the kid wasn’t “getting it”. Don’t underestimate the wisdom of this child.
As far as sports go, Pisces LOVES the water (they are the fish sign after all!). So they’re likely to be drawn to swimming, water-polo, surfing, sailing, water skiing, kite boarding, or just about anything that puts them into their element: water. They also tend to do better in solo-sports as opposed to team-sports. It’s their mystical way to be one with nature and improve their own talents without the pressure of a team. It’s not that they aren’t team-players; it’s just that they aren’t comfortable with the demands, anxiety and stress often created to win team sports.
The symbol of the Pisces is two fish swimming in opposite directions. This symbolizes the dual, yin-and-yang quality of the sign. They are either swimming with the current or against the current. They are both confident yet insecure. Easy-going yet temperamental. Trusting yet secretive. Multi-talented yet absent-minded. Imaginative yet escapist. Adaptable yet easily led. Intuitive yet oblivious. Romantic yet impractical. Helpful yet irresponsible. Wise yet idle. Since you want to bring out the most positive traits in your little fish, parenting a Pisces will take active work, constant praise and vigorous encouragement. Whatever you do, don’t laugh at his dreams. And you will be duly rewarded. Otherwise, you risk this child retreating too far into his impractical fantasy world – an escapist behavior which could later lead to drugs and alcohol in his adolescent years.
The Pisces child is special. He comes straight from Neverland sprinkled with fairy dust. His big eyes and delightful smile will charm all those with whom he comes into contact. He is innately intuitive, compassionate, kind, giving and thoughtful. His imagination protects him from the sometimes cold, hard truth of life. Everything in his world is beautiful and harmonious. Let him retreat there to soften the disappointments and he’ll emerge with the same idealism and sense of hope which will allow him to flourish beyond even your wildest imaginations.
Best Traits of the Pisces: Sensitive, intuitive, adaptable, helpful, imaginative, creative, trusting, kind and caring, wise, easy-going, romantic, even-tempered, multi-talented, friendly, compassionate, ultra popular
Worst Traits of the Pisces: Gullible, temperamental, oblivious, spaced out, vague, easily seduced, overly sensitive, wily, idle, indecisive, secretive, impractical, easily led, absent-minded, over-emotional, escapist
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Recommended Children’s Books for the Pisces Child:
Children’s Book Author Why?
The Little Engine that Could Watty Piper A Pisces child needs to believe in themselves. This book of encouragement is a must have for their libraries. 
Green Eggs and Ham Dr. Seuss Your little Pisces will be giggling as s/he reads a-long to this Dr. Seuss classic. It will make perfect sense to them!
Harold and the Purple Crayon Crockett Johnson Imaginations don’t get more detailed than the little Piscean one. Harold is probably a Pisces himself!
Good Night Gorilla Peggy Rathmann No Pisces ever wants to be caged, so they will delight in the gorilla who sets his zoo friends free.
If You Give a Mouse a Cookie Laura Joffe Numeroff A good lesson on the consequences of one’s actions. This is something every well-intentioned Pisces should know.
The Runaway Bunny Margaret Wise Brown The overly-dramatic Pisces child is probably the most likely to threaten to “runaway”. This cute story reminds them how much they are loved.
Swimmy Leo Leonni A Caldecott Honor Book about a fish who shows his friends the way is sure to delight your own little fish.
The Rainbow Fish Marcus Pfister The Rainbow Fish in this story is an extraordinarily beautiful fish just like your own Pisces fish!
Corduroy Don Freeman The sensitive little fish will want you to read Corduroy over and over again.
Guess How Much I Love You? Sam McBratney Guess How Much the Little Pisces Needs to Hear it?