Symbol:                 The Twins
Planet:                   Mercury
Element:                Air
Best Trait:             Intelligent
Worst Trait:           Fickle
Keyword:                I THINK
Congratulations…you’re going to have twins!! No, you say? Oh, maybe we should clarify. Despite the fact that you may be only having a single child, trust us, you’re going to have twins. That’s the Gemini for you, like it or not.  The duality of their personality is unmistakably strong so it’s no accident their symbol is the Twins. Being a parent to a Gemini baby is a big responsibility and a lot of work, but they will keep you on your toes and make the world a much more interesting place. Before you even get home from the hospital, your little charge will already be actively soaking it all in – their lively curiosity is apparent right away. For the sheer excitement of it, every parent should have at least one Gemini (but two of them will send you to an early grave).
One thing we can promise you: you’re not going to have a dumb kid on your hands. The Gemini mind is sharp, alert, observant and curious. Geminis are little geniuses and naturally precocious. Because they learn quickly, they are usually ahead of schedule with most milestones: walking, talking, fine motor skills, potty training, reading and writing. Feel free to put them into a bilingual school – as youngsters they are quick to adopt new languages with effortless ease. Don’t be shy about travel – you can take a Gemini anywhere. They are not fussy about new environments – this one embraces change. At times you will think their energy is infinite and you will have a difficult time keeping up with their mental and physical agility. They are exploratory and inquisitive and maintain a fine balance between reality and imagination. Just be sure to give them the freedom to explore, learn and satiate their curiosity. They multitask with ease and can be pursuing many interests at once. Whatever you do, don’t hamper their zest for learning. And don’t confine them to small spaces. Remember, there are two of them.
In play, the Gemini has no gender preferences. They like variety in their play, so they are usually drawn to several different sports and a diversity of activities. They are social children and generous with their toys. Other kids are drawn to the Gemini because they’re extroverted, talkative and fun. They also have fantastical imaginations and create worlds of make-believe that make playtime an exciting adventure. Like the Pisces, Gemini youngsters have an uncanny ability to co-exist in reality and fantasy, and their colorful imagination often exaggerates the truth. They are known for telling fibs from time to time, not because they’re dishonest, but because the truth is less interesting.  
Geminis usually do well in school because they are not only highly intelligent, but extremely communicative. They express their lessons either orally or in writing with such clarity and understanding that they’re often called on in class to answer teacher’s questions or recite the material. They are little sponges who soak up everything and are multi-talented enough to pursue several different subjects with acuity. They are busy, fast learners but short fused on patience. This is the chink in their academic armor – they have a tendency to move on too quickly without the necessary thoroughness demanded of the lesson plan. Geminis are also sometimes poor listeners in class. Their sharp minds grasped the concept in the first sentence, so they’re not exactly interested in listening to teacher drone on about the details. Moving right along…that’s what the Gemini is eager to do. Don’t bore him with the minutiae. Teachers are often irritated by their Gemini students because their attention span is short and they often talk during class when they should be listening. They are usually forgiven, though, thanks to their good grades. Turns out they were listening after all!
Not only are Geminis bright-minded, but they are also quick-witted. Their sprightly minds craft words cleverly, and their wicked sense of humor will catch you off-guard. This makes them a ton of fun to be around. But you better brush up on your own intelligence if you intend to keep up with them. If you can, they’ll take you on adventures beyond your wildest dreams. Geminis are generous with their knowledge and enjoy communicating ideas. But they are also easily bored and need constant stimuli. The Twins are restless souls constantly searching for something – almost to the point where they lack inner peace. It’s like they’re not quite sure what they’re searching for themselves. An elusive dream beyond their grasp.
 Don’t be tricked into thinking that this smart, dynamic and social child always on the go doesn’t have a fragile inner-child. From a very early age, Geminis surmise that love is inherently conditional, perhaps because they are ruled be their intellect. They intellectualize the expectations placed on them at an early age and conclude that they are only loved when they behave properly, speak properly, dress properly, follow the rules and do as they’re told. They are easily discouraged if they can’t meet all expectations all of the time. The result is a deep-seeded insecurity about their worth. As a parent, one of the greatest gifts you can give your little Gemini is the firm belief that unconditional love does indeed exist. Make a conscious effort to prove to them that your love is absolute and not dependent on them being perfect. You love them unconditionally for exactly who they are – flaws and all.
The thing that a Gemini values above all else is their freedom. Freedom of movement, freedom of exploration, freedom of learning, freedom of mind, body and spirit. Do whatever you can not to hamper their need for freedom and intellectual independence, and you’ll allow all of that natural “joie de vivre” to develop fully.  The worst nightmare for the Gemini child is having a “helicopter” parent.  Don’t cramp their style. Voice your unconditional love. Teach them the importance of patience and honesty. Then go ahead with confidence and set your little butterfly free.
Best Traits of the Gemini: Inquisitive, affectionate, open minded, perceptive, eloquent, quick-witted, cheerful, kind, charming, savvy, generous, objective, clever and witty, versatile, imaginative, inventive, adaptable, communicative, twice the fun
Worst Traits of the Gemini: Restless, sarcastic, gossipy, fickle and two-faced, nosy, cheap, flighty, evasive, nervous and tense, non-committal, indecisive, quickly bored, manipulative, irritable, quarrelsome
Recommended Children’s Books for the Gemini Child:
Children’s Book Author Why?
Are You My Mother? P.D. Eastman The inquisitive little Gemini will love to follow the little hatchling off to find his mother.
Curious George H.A. Rey If there’s anyone more curious than Curious George, it’s definitely a Gemini child.
Jumanji Chris Van Allsburg The easily bored little Gemini child will be captivated by this fantastical book.
Where is Baby’s Belly Button? Karen Katz Hey, if the book has a question mark in its title, you can be certain the Gemini will enjoy it.
Click Clack Moo: Cow’s That Type Doreen Cronin Perfect book choice for the witty little Gemini. He/she will appreciate typing cows.
Where the Wild Things Are Maurice Sendak Just like little Max in the story, the Gemini child has a fantastic imagination.
Guess How Much I Love You?  Sam McBratney Geminis are known to be affectionate, so cuddle up with them and this love-fest of a book.
Peek-A-Who? Nina Laden Both funny and engaging, Peek-A-Who will delight any little Gemini.
Harold and the Purple Crayon Crockett Johnson A lovely tribute to a child’s imagination, the Gemini can keep up with the best of ’em.
Olivia Ian Falconer We’re not sure if author Ian Falconer is aware, but his heroine was most likely born under the Gemini sun sign.