Symbol:                 The Bull
Planet:                   Venus
Element:                Earth
Best Trait:             Perseverance
Worst Trait:           Inflexible
Keyword:                I HAVE
Remember Ferdinand the Bull? Ferdinand was quite content to lie in the pasture peacefully smelling the flowers rather than stomp, jump and butt heads with the other bulls. That is, until the day he met up with the wrong end of a bee.  It was then that Ferdinand displayed his inner bull. Ferdinand’s story is illustrative of what you can expect with your delightful and easy-going Taurus. It’s also a reminder that underneath the Taurean sweetness lays volcanic energy and an unmistakable fierceness.
Taurus babies and youngsters are affectionate and cuddly. They love being touched, kissed and hugged. Often, these little babes are Mama’s sweet (secretly favorite) boys and Daddy’s little girls. They are pleasantly amiable, endearing and even a bit flirty. The little bull knows exactly how to manipulate his or her parents to get what he wants with his/her sweet charms. Just be prepared for that stubborn streak of his. This child has no qualms about standing firm against doing something he doesn’t want to. And you’re probably no match for his defiant opposition. They don’t say “stubborn like a bull” for nothing. The key is not to use force against his wishes. This will only cement his resolve. Affection is the name of the game with Taurus. A loving voice, a sweet kiss, and a big hug are your best chances to cajole your little one out of his obstinacy. He’s practically defenseless against affection – he simply can’t refuse it.
 If your friends and neighbors are saying about you: “Wow. They must be really good parents. That kid is just great. So well-behaved!” then they must be talking about your Little Bull. Like the Capricorn, Taurus has a certain emotional stability and maturity, even as toddlers they are little old souls. Taurus children are not likely to act out or misbehave in front of guests or visitors. They are not impetuous or show-offy. They are easy-going and good-natured. Some Taurus children are often shy and timid when first meeting strangers, and they’re not attention-seekers like the Leo. The bull is a robust, strong animal, and similarly, Taurus children are generally healthy, well-built, sturdy little guys and gals. They will most likely rebound from the common childhood sicknesses quickly. Usually with Taurus, the boys are all boy and the girls are quite feminine – but both are athletically talented and do well in sports or most physical activities. Although tomboys are not atypical among girl-bulls, they are generally the type of female who can excel in sports all the while retaining her girly-girlness and ultra femininity which she can turn on and off like a light switch.
Taurus traits favor sensibility, practicality, and common sense – so don’t be dishonest with them. This is a child who will respond to reason and logic. Short-cutting parenting styles won’t work on your bull. You can’t just say “Because I said so.” and think he or she will accept that at face value. No, no. no.  You must do one of two things to coax out desired behavior. One, make the desired activity (feeding, teeth-brushing, bedtime, etc) fun, playful and affectionate. Or two, give him or her the logical, rational explanation why what you’re asking him to do is important. This kid is no dummy. Respect is a two way street. The good news is that you won’t have much trouble. The Taurus child is usually pretty tidy and organized, and they’re no enemy to routine. In fact, Taureans don’t really like change, so if you are introducing them to something new (i.e., preschool, a new house, etc) you should give them a heads-up in advance; give them time to prepare their little minds around anything different or out of their ordinary. Abrupt changes to their typical routine can be jarring so give them ample time to adjust.
In school you’ve got a winner on your hands. Parent-Teacher conferences will probably go well. Teachers have very few complaints about the young Taurus. They are usually focused on their lessons and obedient in the classroom. The Taurus isn’t the fastest learner but his power of absorption is nothing short of extraordinary. This child’s learning style is more slow, meticulous and concentrated. Once he’s mastered his lesson plan, it’s likely committed to memory forever, and for this reason Taurus youngsters are good test-takers. Other students trust and admire their Taurus classmate, so much so he or she is often elected into leadership or school government positions. This is because the Taurus is a natural born leader, and they also have a strong sense of fairness and good, solid judgment guided by their innate common sense.
You won’t often find yourself disappointed with your young bull. They seldom do anything thoughtless or foolish because they carefully consider the consequences before taking action. Your only challenges with the Taurus are their stubbornness and their temper (which fortunately is not often reared).  That temper only explodes after a very long fuse has been expired. They need to be seriously provoked, and when they are, you better run for cover. Help them back to the peaceful, happy place they so much more prefer to be in – help them find a logical path to solving their frustrations and they’ll quickly dispel that fury by putting their horns back into their little heads.  Give them an atmosphere of cozy, affectionate love and try not to erect too many fences because they’ll resent you for it. They are innately kind and very loyal; their love is genuine and they want to live in peaceful harmony.
Even with all their pragmatism and common sense, don’t be surprised by their creative, artistic and/or musical side.  You should develop that early if they’re showing signs of talent. Taurus is one of the most romantic of all the signs and can grow up to be true Renaissance men and women (Leonardo da Vinci was a Taurus!). The bull is happy creating and building things; they get a sense of satisfaction out of the process and are quite proud of their results. They are determined and motivated and have the patient perseverance to accomplish whatever they set their little minds to. The Taureans are sensual, romantic day-dreamers trapped in a sensible, practical personality. But this is one of the greatest things about the bull. That combination of sensible dependability and pragmatism with emotional sensitivity and creativity is both rare and endearing. Lucky you, parent of a Taurus. You have a real winner on your hands.

Best Traits of the Taurus: Determined, productive, punctual, affectionate, generous, creative, thorough, loyal, clever, patient, trust-worthy, warm-hearted, artistic, dependable, persistent, organized, sensuous, resourceful, good natured, extremely good looking

Worst Traits of the Taurus: Brooding, argumentative, inflexible, materialistic, opinionated, bullheaded, self-indulgent, headstrong, lustful, self-centered, jealous and possessive, obstinate, exasperatingly self-righteous, stubborn
Recommended Children’s Books for the Taurus Child
Children’s Book Author Why?
The Story of Ferdinand Munro Leaf Ferdinand the Bull is one of the most beloved characters of children’s fiction and your little bull is sure to respond.
The Giving Tree Shel Silverstein This story of love will strike a chord in your little, affectionate bull.
The Very Hungary Caterpillar Eric Carle A fun story that teaches counting and days of the week in a methodical way that Taurus likes to learn.
Fancy Nancy Jane O’Connor Fancy Nancy likes all things fancy – and the fancier the better. The ultra-feminine bull will love this book.
Guess How Much I Love You Sam McBratney This lovey-dovey book of parental love is a chance for you to show the affection your little Taurus responds so well to.
The Lorax Dr. Seuss The sign of the Taurus loves nature, and this is a story about our role in nature.
Everyone Poops! Taro Gomi Both humorous and scientific, the Tarurean combination of practicality and creativity is sure to understand its pragmatic message.
The Kissing Hand Audrey Penn A heartwarming story that will help the smallest of bulls in dealing with change.
Press Here Hervé Tullet The interactive “press the yellow dot” will send your sensual little bull on a magical journey.
Zen Shorts Jon J. Muth Simple Buddhist inspired messages will make sense to the practical Taurus.