Symbol:                 The Scales
Planet:                   Venus
Element:                Air
Best Trait:             Charming
Worst Trait:           Indecisive
Keyword:                I BALANCE
You know how every stranger says, almost as if it’s a requirement, “Oh my! What a beautiful baby you have!”? Well, if you have a Libra baby then they’re actually telling the truth. Libras are almost always cute, dimply, gorgeous little babies, so get ready to hear that comment often. Parents of Libra babies are far more likely to be accused of conceit since their heads get full of these constant compliments. Indeed, the gods are smiling upon you, because not only are Libra babes good-looking from the get-go, they are also generally well-behaved children. Their symbol are the scales, so they tend to be well-balanced. You’ll seldom have screaming red-faced baby on your hands, one who resists feeding, sleeping and diaper changes. It’s not to say you won’t experience some of this ill temper, it’s just not a common practice with the Libra baby.
Those aforementioned scales are a two-way street, though. Because Libra youngsters (and adults) like to keep things in balance, they have a hard time making a decision, so try not to put too many choices in front of your little toddler. It will both confuse and frustrate him. It’s best to give them food, clothes and toys one at a time, so they don’t have to figure out what to eat, wear or play with first.  They prefer you to take charge and set the routine, and eventually they’ll forget about their indecisiveness and do things naturally. Try not to rush him. Making decisions is hard for the Libra, but making them under pressure is sheer torture. You’ll incorrectly judge that he’s stubborn, but this just isn’t the case. You need patience to let the little one figure out for himself. Hurrying them will only cause anxiety and then you’ll find yourself back at square one. Be pleasant, use a gentle voice and he’ll get it done. Training a Libra to make up his mind early is a gift that will come in handy later in life. The less you rush them as youngsters, the more comfortable they’ll be deciding for themselves later on. Plus, their natural cautiousness allows them to avoid accidents and mistakes down the road. Decisiveness is an important trait in life, so make sure to guide them into that process smoothly by making gentle suggestions (never use a harsh voice). If you upset their precarious, underdeveloped balance at a young age, Libras tend to grow up neurotic.
Like Aquarius, Libra is an air sign, and as such they are good-natured, inherently kind and objectively fair. Ruled by Venus, the goddess of love and beauty, Libras are also creative, sensitive and romantic. They need peace and quiet more than other babies and children. Soft colors should adorn their nursery and gentle music should float in the background. Avoid cartoons and movies that depict any kind of violence until he’s much older – we’re talking about violence as seemingly innocuous as Wile. E. Coyote and his Acme bombs or the flying monkeys in the “Wizard of Oz” – to the Libra it can be jarring and damaging. They prefer peace and calm. They are happiest when their surroundings are structured and serene. 
In play, Libras prefer even-tempered playmates. They are born charmers and have a knack for making other kids feel important, so who wouldn’t want to hang out with a Libra?  Your little Libra is likely to be easy-going and agreeable. They also love luxury more than any other sign, so Libra girls will often play dress up and Libra boys will have a pocketful of sweets. Neighborhood kids will constantly ask if they can come over and play. It’s just that the Libra’s bedroom is the place to be. It’s most likely filled with possessions coveted by all other kids. Libra’s love things and will fill their room with the best of the best if they can (depending on the generosity of their parents). And they probably will have everything they want. Like the Cancer, Libra children are often spoiled – but for different reasons. The Cancer is a squeaky wheel who gets the oil, but the Libra provides sound arguments at an early age for why they should get their way. Plus, they are innately charming and too hard to resist. Parents find it extremely difficult to say “No” to their Libra children. They will obey your rules only if they’re fair.
In school, Libras tend to be underachievers. Let’s be clear, though. They are bright and curious and a lover of facts. They have the ability to see the bigger picture because they want to consider all possible sides to an issue. They are argumentative and usually a member of the debate team, but at the end of the day, Libras dislike hard work and have a strong streak of laziness. Libras can be an irritant to teachers because of their “know-it-all” attitude and their penchant for arguments. They just can’t stand one-sided views and so they relentlessly argue the other position until they feel balance has been achieved. They’ll skate by on their natural intelligence and solid, logical minds. They’re also artistic and musical so don’t be surprised to see them in the starring role of the school play or playing an instrument in the school orchestra. Cheer them on!  The sign of Libra rules books, so encourage reading and writing. Many Libras love English class and often excel in presenting their well-rounded view. You may have heard, Libras often become lawyers because of their love for facts, their keen intellect, their ability to see all sides and their persuasive power or argument.  Plus they are just sticklers for fairness.
Peace is worth everything to them, so provide a tranquil and loving atmosphere at home. Give them tender love and affection. Don’t rush them; guide them slowly and gently into decision-making matters. Try to resist spoiling them too much (especially with the sweets or you’ll have a weight problem on your hands). Give them privacy. Encourage them in school and let them argue their points. At the end of the day, Libras are people-pleasers with easy-going natures. They have trouble saying no. Help them learn the meaning of “no” so they don’t stretch themselves too thin or harbor resentments. The Libra comes into this world well-balanced. They are incurable idealists, totally captivating and thoroughly charming. What more could a parent ask for?
Best Traits of the Libra: Idealistic, easy-going, affectionate, expressive, sincere, fair, stylish, well-balanced, good mediator, romantic, sociable, artistic, creative, charming, diplomatic, communicative, absolutely fabulous
Worst Traits of the Libra: Escapist, easily influenced, flirtatious, gossipy, style-slave, sulky, flighty, self-indulgent, overbearing, extravagant, gullible, narcissistic, always undecided, impatient, intolerant of criticism, manipulative
Recommended Children’s Books for the Libra Child:
Children’s Book Author Why?
Pinkalicious Victoria Kann Stylish, romantic and typically fabulous, the Libra girl is likely to love PINK.
Fancy Nancy Jane O’Connor Nancy believes MORE is always better, just like the sometimes overly-indulged little Libra
Animalia Graeme Base This beautifully illustrated book will appeal to the artistic Libra child – while they learn their ABC’s to-boot!
Click Clack Moo: Cows that Type Doreen Cronin An off-beat story about cows who demand their rights through typed notes to the farmer is sure to hit home with fair-minded Libra.
Tumford the Terrible Nancy Tillman A well-meaning but stubborn kitty can teach a thing or two to the sometimes overbearing little Libra.
Tikki Tikki Tempo Arlene Mosel The well-balanced Libra will adore this book about a boy (with an extraorindarily long name) who falls down a well.
I Want My Hat Back Jon Klassen Libra children will understand this deliberately understated picture book.
The Lorax Dr. Seuss Idealistic Libra children are sure to benefit from this Dr. Seuss classic.
Art & Max David Wiesner Libra children are very artistic, so they will love this story of friends who paint together.
The Rainbow Fish Marcus Pfister The most beautiful fish in the sea finds happiness and new friends when he learns how to share his most prized possessions.