Symbol:                 The Scorpion
Planet:                   Pluto
Element:                Water
Best Trait:             Idealism
Worst Trait:           Obsessive
Keyword:                I DESIRE
When the stork delivers this sturdy, robust little baby to the hospital, you’ll be pleasantly amazed by how healthy (s)he looks. That’s by design, you see. Your little Scorpion needs a strong little vessel to contain that enormous personality of his! The Scorpio can be largely defined by two words: intensity and complexity. Get ready to brush up on those parenting skills because this little strong-willed guy will challenge you in more ways than one. In return, you’ll be rewarded with an intensely loyal, loveable darling.
The little Scorpio is packed full of personality. Even as a baby you’ll stare at him with wonder. He’s a little enigma wrapped in a riddle. Because the Scorpio is a bundle of contradictions, he is often the most misunderstood of all the signs. At once he’s loving yet cold, passionate yet brooding, independent yet clingy, forceful yet fragile. He requires firm and constant discipline to bring out his best qualities and set him on the right path. We are serious about the discipline part. Don’t underestimate how important it is that you show him whose boss otherwise he’ll quickly run you over like a steam roller. This is not a child for the feeble, permissive parent. He naturally wants to dominate and control anyone who lets him. As a baby and child, his small stature will be his disadvantage so use it to your advantage now. He admires strong and decisive people, so if you show consistent fortitude, he’ll eventually gain your respect and follow your rules. You’ll be thankful you have him under your control once he starts to walk and talk.
Ok, so we covered the necessary discipline part and the importance of you exerting your authority with this little tyke. We don’t want to scare you. His ability to sniff out weakness and manipulate it to his advantage is nothing short of legendary. Be strong, dear parent, or else you’ll end up being the one obeying him! Even with all his strength and force, he requires gentle affection and nurturing love. Be firm, but be loving and empathetic to his needs. He is a water sign, after all, so he is a mixture of complex emotions and underneath all those strong feelings beats a soft and kind heart.
 Young Scorpios are wary of strangers, so it may take him a little longer than other kids to form friendships on the playground. But when he does, they are likely for life. As mentioned earlier, Scorpios are intensely loyal. Betray their trust, and you have an enemy for life. If another kid deliberately breaks his toy or kicks his friend, we should let you know now – a Scorpion child will seek revenge. This not a kid that lies down and takes injury lightly. He never forgets. He likes a good fight and he intends to win. You’re best advised not to step on his tail or you’ll get stung lickity-split! On the flip side, he remembers every act of kindness and repays it in spades. Other kids are drawn to his magnetic personality and unbreakable courage. But the Scorpio is careful in selecting his friends; once he does, his loyalty knows no bounds. In play, you should consider building your child a tree house or backyard fort. He loves secret hiding places. If your child is a Scorpio girl, give her a diary with a lock and key so she can hide away her secret thoughts. Magic sets are a sure-fire hit too, as it feeds the Scorpion’s interest in mystery. Scorpions also love the forbidden, so keep a close eye on this mischievous little bugger!
In school, Scorpios are quick learners. As a water sign they are innately wise beyond their years. But the Scorpion in particular has a brilliant mind. The thing to watch out for once he starts school is that same old discipline problem. His teacher will be both impressed by his sharp little mind but frustrated by his sometimes unruly behavior. He needs a patient yet firm teacher and/or coach in school. Someone who he views as stronger than him; it’s only then that he’ll figure they’re worthy enough to learn from. In response, he’ll be an honor student and the star of the baseball team. In school, their ability to grasp concepts, along with their energy and drive to be the best, will win them generally high marks (and possibly class valedictorian). He likes to solve mysteries, so he may be drawn to science or medicine. But let him pick what he likes most and he’ll flourish. The things he wants, he wants badly. And trust us, he’ll succeed in achieving what is most important to him and he’ll prove to be the very best in his chosen field. On the sports field, this one is a fierce competitor who can withstand an uncanny amount of physical pain without flinching. A true gladiator spirit.  
Whenever people tell me their baby is due under the sign of Scorpio my first response is “Oh dear, have fun with that one!” But I say that with total admiration. Yes, parenting a Scorpio takes constant work because of their intensely complex little personalities which need to be guided toward their most positive aspects. But when your work is done, this child has the power to change the world. So fearless and driven is he! Some examples of Scorpions who have fundamentally changed their fields of work: Fyodor Dostoevsky in literature; Ted Turner in broadcasting; Bill Gates in computer science; Pablo Picasso in modern art; Demi Moore & Julia Roberts in women’s stature and pay in film; and Teddy Roosevelt in environmental preservation. These are not leaders; these are winners. You, my friend, have a little champion on your hands.
Best Traits of the Scorpio: Passionate, tenacious, complex, investigative, clever, brave and loyal, magnetic, social, good memory, protective, deep, sensual, resourceful, self-reliant, dynamic, intuitive, determined, totally hypnotic
Worst Traits of the Scorpio: Volatile, obsessive, suspicious, demanding and jealous, brooding, moody, shrewd, compulsive, intense, hot-tempered, overbearing, cunning, lustful, impenetrable, secretive
Recommended Books for the Scorpio Child:
Children’s Book Author Why?
Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day Judith Voirst Scorpio children can be moody. This funny story about a bad day should help them see the humor in life even when everything doesn’t always go your way.
 Peek-A-Who?  Nina Laden  The investigative, little problem-solving Scorpio is sure to love this fun guessing book by keeping him/her stimulated.
 Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See?  Bill Martin, Jr.  It’s never too earlyto learn by memorization and the Scorpio was a uncanny ability to commit things to memory. This easy rhyming book will be a breeze for the scorpion.
 Zen Shorts  Jon J. Muth  Stillwater the Panda shares his stories with three children. Only the complex little Scorpio will easily  understand concepts of Buddhism woven throughout the tale.
 Corduroy  Don Freeman  Scorpios are hugely loyaly little creatures, so the beloved relationship between a girl and her teddy bear is sure to delight them.
 One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish  Dr. Seuss  No one rhymes better than Dr. Suess. His books are practically made for Scorpio children who are likely to memorize the rhymes faster than most children.
 Curious George  H.A. Rey  Scorpios can be little mischief-makers just like Curious George. They are sure to find a kindred spirit in this darling little monkey.
 On the Night You Were Born  Nancy Tillman  The deeply loving Scorpio child will lap up this sentimental story as you read to him/her just how special they are.
 Pat the Bunny  Dorothy Kunhardt  The Scorpio is highly intune with his/her senses, so even the baby Scorpion will respond early to this discovery book.
 The Lion and the Mouse  Jerry Pinkney  The naturally protective Scorpio will love this rendition of an Aesop fable where a ferocious lion takes mercy on a little mouse.