Symbol:                The Archer
Planet:                  Jupiter
Element:               Fire
Best Trait:            Optimism
Worst Trait:          Bluntness
Keyword:               I SEE
You may have felt a little poking in your womb before your Sagittarius was born. Your little Archer was probably nudging you with his arrow asking to be let out and get the show on the road. All alone in your belly for nine months, this little one was ready for some human companionship. Once your baby Sag comes into this world, his adventurous little spirit and insatiable curiosity is guaranteed to bring color and excitement into your life.
But first thing first: hold fast to this baby and keep him close. Sagittarians need human companionship more than any other sign – particularly as babies and toddlers. They don’t like to be left alone and are soothed when held and most comforted when around the human action of talk, laughter, smells and touch. They are more likely to fall asleep in the middle of a party then alone in their own crib upstairs and away from all the action. If you deny them this much needed human companionship as youngsters, they’ll retreat and find some substitute security blanket all the while resenting you for life (and requiring therapy in their adult years). Sags are the most social of all the signs and desperately need interaction with people particularly as youngsters. Eventually they grow into independent, freedom-loving and self-reliant young people, but in their early years they are like little kittens attached to the warmth and reliability of family. Do all you can to give them this security.
Assuming your little archer is getting all the human touch and interaction he requires, you’ll have a very contented baby and child on your hands. Sagittarians are happy-go-lucky, cheerful and adventurous. Their curiosity is unquenchable so get ready for constant questioning. “Because.” will never work as an answer to this kid. They need to know why, why and why. Don’t make up the answers or lie to them either. These little tykes are honest to a fault (almost tactlessly so) and they demand honesty in return. Take the time to answer their questions sincerely, honestly and openly. They have one of the sharpest “Bullshit Detectors” around. The only thing they are likely to hide are their own hurt feelings, so actively encourage them to talk about their disappointments. Sagittarians are known for thinking about their feelings, but rarely talking about them. It’s good for them to purge now and again.
As mentioned earlier, Sags are quite social so they’re likely to have many friends. They aren’t shy and they’ll befriend just about everyone in sight. Their adventurous streak and curiosity about most things will attract other children into their playful, energetic world. They are bighearted playmates and sharing comes naturally. They can be generous to a fault, so teach them the value of money and possessions early on. They can also be slightly mischievous resulting in some trouble, so you must explain the rules to them more carefully than others. And rules need to make logical sense to the Sag or else he’ll easily disregard them. Rules must be obeyed for their own good, but these rules better be based on something meaningful rather than empty parental convenience. They will respect authority only if it makes logical sense and you’ll have to lay out that logic to gain their respectful obedience. Otherwise they’ll stare you down defiantly, fearlessly and without hesitation.
In school, your little archer will likely do quite well. Intelligence and the curiosity for knowledge will propel them in their lessons. They thrive in more progressive educational environments and respond less to structured teaching methods. The Sag has a restless spirit so they need challenge in innovative ways. Gently push them toward Honors classes if he shows the aptitude (which he most likely will). They like to be challenged with new and bigger ideas. Honest to a fault, this is a child who will never cheat in school. Your little Sag will also discover the opposite sex and romance earlier than the others. Kindergarten crushes allow them to test out their femininity or masculinity. Nothing serious, but their awareness of romantic love does come earlier than other signs. It’s all very innocent, don’t worry, but you may have to have the dreaded “birds-and-the-bees” discussion sooner than you’d like.
As your little Archer grows older, his inherent independence will strike sooner than you’d like. We all want to prepare our children to leave the nest, but it’s like a stab in the heart when they actually do. Be prepared for your little Sag to display signs of self-determination and autonomy before your other kids. They have a hunger for life’s experiences and once their family foundation is firmly rooted, they want to get the show on the road. Optimism is the hallmark of the Sagittarius, so their future always shines brightly and they truly believe in what’s awaiting them around that corner. Even in their darkest of moods, this optimism is simply unbreakable. It’s one of their most protective of traits. And freedom is one of their most valuable possessions. Don’t deny them their own life’s adventure. Let them live their life to the fullest and put their Jupiter versatility to work. It’s hard to believe this child who wouldn’t let you out of his sights as a baby is now so ready to leave the nest. But don’t worry; if you did your job right, he’ll always come flying back.
Best Traits of a Sagittarius:  Frank, enthusiastic, stimulation, optimistic, generous, candid, impulsive, open and honest, fair, sensual, eager, carefree, sincere, good-judgment, adventurous, positive thinker, desired by everyone
Worst Traits of a Sagittarius:  Irresponsible, careless, frivolous, aloof, blindly optimistic, blunt, rigid, overly critical, over confident, boastful, demanding, domineering, tactless, unrealistic, restless, outspoken, impatient
Recommended Children’s Books for the Sagittarius Child:
Children’s Book Author Why?
Oh, the Places You’ll Go! Dr. Seuss This book was practically written for the adventurous Sagittarius
The Giving Tree Shel Silverstein A perfect children’s book for the naturally generous Sagittarius.
Love You Forever Robert Munsch It’s important to show a lot of demonstrative love to the Sagittarius child.
Someday Alison McGhee Mother wants baby to live life to the fullest. The Sag baby most likely will!
How the Grinch Stole Christmas Dr. Seuss The Sagittarius sign is close to Christmas, and this is the best Christmas classic ever.
Where the Wild Things Are Maurice Sendak The impulsive Sagittarius is likely to find him/herself off to bed early without dinner, too! But they are also quite capable of entertaining themselves.
The Cat in the Hat Dr. Seuss The Sagittarius child will delight in this madcap adventure with Seuss’s notorious cat.
Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day Judith Voirst The unbendable optimism of the Sag is strong enough to get him/her through even the worst of days.
The Very Hungry Caterpillar Eric Carle A very hungry caterpillar eats through the pages of this funny book sure to delight any Sagittarius kid.
Blueberries for Sal Robert McCloskey Adventurous Sag will love adventurous Sal as she meets a baby bear while picking berries with her mother.