Famous People Named Angelo

Angelo Badalamenti (composer); Angelo Bertelli (football player); Angelo Bronzino (Italian painter); Angelo “the Gentle Don” Bruno (Italian-American mobster); Angelo Buono, Jr. (The Hillside Strangler); Angelo Garcia (Puerto Rican Singer formerly with Menudo); Angelo Lano (FBI agent who headed the Watergate investigation); Angelo Mariani (conductor); Angelo Ambrogini Poliziano (Florentine classical scholar and poet); Angelo Secchi (Italian astronomer); Angelo Torres (cartoonist); Angelo Schiavio (soccer player); Angelo Anastasio (soccer player); Angelo R. Mozilo (disgraced CEO of Countrywide); Angelo Branduardi (musician); Angelo Ciccone (Italian cyclist); Angelo Crowell (football player); Angelo Dibernardo (soccer player); Angelo Palombo (Italian soccer player); Angelo Taylor (Olympic athlete, hurdles)

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