Famous People Named Archibald

Archibald Leach (birth name of actor Cary Grant); Archibald Roosevelt (son of Theodore Roosevelt, WWII hero)
Archibald “Archie” Manning III (football player, father of Peyton and Eli); Archibald (13th century Scottish bishop of Moray); Archibald (musician); Archibald Cameron of Locheil (leader of the Jacobite uprising); Archibald Joseph “A.J.” Cronin (Scottish author); Archibald MacLeish (American poet/writer); Archibald Tait (former archbishop of Canterbury); Archibald Hill (Nobel Prize winner, medicine); Archibald Cox (former U.S. Solisitor General under JFK); Archibald (the name of several Scottish noblemen since the Middle Ages)

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