Famous People Named Charles

Charles Bukowski (author); Charles Boyer (actor); Charlie Chaplin (actor/director); Charles Durning (actor); Charlton Heston (born Charles Carter, actor); Charles Laughton (actor); Charles Schulz (cartoonist); Charles Dickens (novelist); Charles Dodgson (pen-name Lewis Carroll, author); Chuck Berry (singer/guitarist); Charlie Daniels (country musician); Buddy Holly (born Charles Hardin Holley, musician); Charles Ives (composer); Charlie Parker (jazz musician); Charlie Watts (musician); Charles Gibson (journalist); Charles Kuralt (journalist); Charles de Gaulle (French leader); Charles Darwin (naturalist); Charles Barkley (basketball player); Charlie Rose (TV personality); Charles R. Schwab (businessman); Charles Lindbergh (aviator); Chuck Yeager (first man to break the sound barrier); Prince Charles of Wales (royalty)

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