Famous People Named Chris (or go by Chris)

Christopher Julius “Chris” Rock III (comic/actor); Christopher Crosby “Chris” Farley (comic/actor); Christopher W. “Chris” Cooper (actor); Christopher Lee “Chris” Kattan (SNL cast member); Frederick Christopher “Chris” Klein (actor); Christopher Eugene “Chris” O’Donnell (actor); Christopher John “Chris” Osgood (hockey player); Thomas Christopher “Chris” Parnell (SNL); Christopher “Chris” Tucker (actor); Christopher Shannon “Chris” Penn (actor); Christopher John “Chris” Matthews (political commentator); Christopher Anthony John “Chris” Martin (musician); Christopher Mark “Chris” Robinson (musician); Christopher Adam “Chris” Daughtry (American Idol contestant); Christopher John “Chris” Weitz (film producer); Christopher Sean “Chris” Lowe (actor); Chris Dyson (racecar driver); Chris Cornelius Byrd (boxer); Christopher Maurice “Chris” Brown (R&B singer); Christopher Brian Bridges (aka Ludacris, rapper)

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