Famous People Named Jaime

Jaime Escalante (Bolivian-American educator, subject of the film “Stand and Deliver”); Jaime King (actress); Jaime Luis Gómez (musician, member of The Black Eyed Peas); Jaime Alguersuari (racecar driver); Jaime Camara (racecar driver); Jaime Jiménez Merlo (Spanish soccer player); Jaime Melo (racecar driver); Jaime Moreno (Bolivian soccer player); Jaime Nunó (Catalan composer); Jaime Pressly (actress); Jaime Patricio Ramírez (Chilean soccer player); Jaime Vera (Chilean soccer player); Jaime Villarreal (Mexican rock musician); Jaime Yzaga (Peruvian tennis player)

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