Famous People Named Louis

Louis (scores of European kings); Louis Pasteur (French scientist); Louis Armstrong (musician); Lou Gehrig (baseball player); Louis Braille (invented the Braille System for the blind); Louis Leakey (British paleontologist); Louis L’Amour (author); Louis Gossett, Jr. (actor); Lou Boudreau (baseball player); Lou Brock (baseball player); Louis de Broglie (French physicist); Louis Chevrolet (founder of the Chevrolet Motor Car Company); Louis Clarke (Olympic athlete); Lou Costello (comic/actor); Louis Dobbs (TV newsman); Louis Farrakhan (activist); Lou Ferrigno (bodybuilder/actor); Louis Gerstner (businessman); Louis Jolliet (French explorer); Louis Jordan (musician); Louis “Kid Kaplan” (boxer); Louis Klotz (“Red”, basketball); Lou Diamond Philips (actor); Lou Rawls (musician); Lou Reed (musician); Louis Rubenstein (figure skater); Louis Vuitton (French fashion designer)

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