Famous People Named Mary

Mary I of England (Queen of England); Mary II of England (Queen of England); Mary Queen of Scots (Queen of Scotland); Mary Shelley (novelist); Mary Tyler Moore (actress); Mary Lou Retton (Olympian gymnast); Mary-Kate Olsen (actress); Mary “Elle” Fanning (actress); Mary Higgins Clark (author); Mary Todd Lincoln (U.S. First Lady); Mary Cassatt (painter); Mary Louise “Meryl” Streep (actress); Mary “Farrah” Fawcett (actress); Mary Astor (actress); Mary Pickford (actress); Mary J. Blige (singer); Mary Martin (actress); Mary Elizabeth “Sissy” Spacek (actress); Mary-Louise Parker (actress); Mary Miles Minter (silent era actress); Mary Steenburgen (actress); Mary Chapin Carpenter (musician); Mary Mastrantonio (actress); Mary McCormack (actress); Mary Pierce (tennis player)

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