Famous People Named Ronald

Ronald Reagan (actor/U.S. President); Ronnie Wood (musician); Ron Paul (politician); Ronald H. Coase (Nobel Prize winner, economics); Ronald George Wreyford Norrish (Nobel Prize winner, chemistry); Ronald Ross (Nobel Prize winner, medicine); Ronald Bellamy (football player); Ronald Breslow (pioneer in organic chemistry); Ronald Colman (actor/entertainer); Ronald Curry (football player); Ronald Dupree (basketball player); Ronald Evans (astronaut); Ronald Fields (football player); Ronald Flemons (football player); Ronald Francis (hockey player); Ronald Scott (former lead singer of AC/DC); Ronald Joseph (figure skater); Ronald Ferguson (father of Sarah, Duchess of York); Ronnie James Dio (singer); Ronnie Drew (Irish singer and a founding member of The Dubliners); Ronald Hall (my beloved step-father, RIP)

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