Famous People Named William

Prince William of England (2nd in line to the English throne); William the Conqueror (King of England); William II of England (king); William III of England (king); William IV of England (king); William Jefferson Clinton (U.S. President); William Harrison (U.S. President); William McKinley (U.S. President); William Taft (U.S. President); William Baldwin (actor); William Bonney (aka ”Billy the Kid”); William Clark (explorer); William Cody (aka ”Buffalo Bill”); William Faulkner (Nobel Prize winning author); William Golding (Nobel Prize winning author); William Randolph Hearst (tycoon); William Macy (actor); William Shatner (actor); William Shakespeare (playwright); William Blake (poet); William Butler Yeats (poet); William Wordsworth (poet); William Carlos William (poet); William Penn (founder of Pennsylvania); William Tell (folk hero); William Wallace (Scottish hero)

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