Name Ideas for Baby Aries

There are several notable things regarding the sun sign Aries. For one, it’s the very first sign of the Zodiac, sort of the “baby” of the other twelve.  And, like babies, Aries tend to be self-centered, but not in an ego-maniacal way – more in a natural, determined way. They are doers and action takers, which often makes them leaders. They operate from their gut, which is often intuitively right on the money. Aries is also a Fire sign which is symbolic of their passionate natures, innate enthusiasm, and penchant for risk-taking. They have confidence in their direction, and no problem initiating action, which is often why they gain many followers and friends.  Compounded by the fire, Aries is also a Cardinal sign, further emphasizing their desire to run the show and boss others about.  Lastly, the symbol of Aries is the Ram – another emblematic example of the Aries strong, competitive and fighting spirit.  When we think of the charming, dependable Aries, these are some names that come to mind:
Name Ideas for the Aries Girl:
The symbol of the Aries is the Ram, which of course is a male sheep. What do we call a female sheep? A Ewe. Did you know that the Hebrew name Rachel means “ewe”? There’s also the pretty Spanish version of this name: Raquel.
Since the sign of Aries spans the months of March and April you might consider Marcia or Marcella which are both feminine off-shoots of Marcus, a name likely derived from the Roman god of war, Mars (and for whom the month of March was named). April is also a female name to consider.
As the first sign of the Zodiac, Aries is a youthful sign. They are symbolic of the optimistic, can-do attitude of youth. Juniper is a female name in circulation; it’s an evergreen tree highly symbolic of youth. The name Chloe means “young green shoot” and the Julia family of names are generally connected to youthfulness (off-shoots of Julia, such as Giuliana, Jillian, Juliana, Julianna, Julianne, Julie, Juliet, Julieta, Juliette, Julissa and Yuliana provide you with several more to consider).
The element of Aries is Fire, so may also consider named connected to fire. For instance, Ember is the vocabulary word describing the glowing remnants of a hot, burning fire.  Kenna is a modern female equivalent to Kenneth, which is Scottish-Gaelic in heritage, from Cináed (meaning “born of fire”).
The personality of the Aries brings many adjectives to mind: energetic, enthusiastic, passionate, powerful, strong-willed, courageous, confident, assertive…okay, if even a bit restless, impulsive, blunt and bossy (hey, even these traits are part of her lasting charms). The name Kendra means “wise ruler; enthusiastic power” and Reese comes from the Welsh masculine name Rhys and means “with ardor, enthusiasm”.  Riley is ultimately an Irish name meaning “valiant, courageous” and Emery is a modern rendition of an ancient Germanic name meaning “bravery, power” (you many also consider Emerson which means, quite obviously, “son of Emery”).  Ancient Celtic mythology probably lent us the name Dana, meaning “brave and daring”.  You may also want to consider the lovely Italian and Spanish Fernanda which means “adventurous, brave journey”.
Names for the Aries Boy:
The virile and manly symbol of the Ram is associated with Aries. Consider these boy names with the word “Ram” imbedded in them: Abram, Ramiro and Ramon (as an added bonus, Ramon means “decision-maker” and decisiveness is a hallmark trait of our ever-reliable little Ram).
Any boy’s name derived from Marcus (i.e., Demarcus, Marc, Marcel, Marcelo, Marco, Marcos, Mark and Markus) was probably influenced by Mars, the Roman god of war (after whom the month of March was named). Many Aries babies are born in March. You may even like the Hawaiian equivalent of Marcus: Maleko. Cute, huh?
As the first sign of the Zodiac, Aries is a youthful sign. They are symbolic of the optimistic, can-do attitude of youth. Some masculine names that conjure up the idea of youthfulness are Colin (cub, young one); Colt (young male horse); Junior (youth, young) and Sonny (young boy). Adonis was the Greek god of youth and beauty and Julian is an ancient Roman name meaning “soft-haired and youthful”. One more idea: Ace. This is a masculine name currently in circulation. Aries is the first sign of the Zodiac and the Ace could be considered the first card in a deck of playing cards.
As one of the three Fire signs (the others being Leo and Sagittarius), Aries is strongly connected to the element of fire. Here are some “hot, flaming” names to consider for your baby ram: Aidan comes to us from the Irish-Gaelic Aodhan meaning “little fire” after the ancient Celtic god of the fiery underworld, Áed. Keegan is also derived from the Irish Aodh (fire). The name Blaze speaks for itself (meaning “flame, white fire”). The surnames-turned-first-names Branson (burnt clearing) and Brenton (fire town) are a couple more ideas. Ignacio is a Spanish name derived from Latin meaning “fire” and we borrowed Kenneth from the Scots (born of fire). Finally there’s Tyson which means “firebrand”.  It may be a stretch, but there’s also Dante, the famous author of the Inferno.
In keeping with the characteristics of the Aries, there are several more masculine names that conjure up the Ram’s energy, passion, bravery, independence and courage. Take Maverick for instance; this name is synonymous with independence. Andrew means “manly, brave” and Callen means “brave little battler”. Emery is a modern rendition of an ancient Germanic name meaning “bravery, power” (you many also consider Emerson which means, quite obviously, “son of Emery”). Everett means “wild boar, brave and powerful” and Garrett means “brave with spear”. Gerardo means “brave spear, courageous” and Fernando means “adventurous and daring”.  Jabari means “brave one, fearless” (borrowed from the Swahili language). The Irish gave us Riley (valiant, courageous) and the Welsh lent us Rhys (with ardor, passionate and enthusiastic). The name Roman invokes a sense of strength while the name Thaddeus possibly has ancient Aramaic origins meaning “brave-hearted” and Wyatt means “brave and strong in war”.  You may even consider Tyrell. Why? It developed from a medieval nickname for a stubborn person (and you know how stubborn our darling little Aries are known to be!).
The Aries is a no-nonsense sign, and they like to get to the point. It’s for this reason we like strong, one-syllable names for the little Ram. Such as Ben, Bo, Blake, Brett, Brock, Clint, Dane, Drew, Finn, Jack, Jake, James, Jett, Kai, Keith, Luke, Mack, Mark, Scott, Sean, Steve, Trent, Ty, Wade, Zane or Zeke.

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