Famous People Named Jeffrey

Jeffrey Combs (actor); Jeffrey Hunter (actor); Jeffrey Tambor (actor); Jeffrey Dahmer (notorious); Jeffrey Carver (author); Jeffrey Buttle (figure skater); Jeffrey Townes (aka DJ Jazzy Jeff); Geoffrey “Jeff” Beck (guitarist); Jeffrey “Jeff” Porcaro (drummer); Jeffrey “Jeff” Tweedy (musician); Jeffrey “Jeff” Bagwell (baseball player); Jeffrey “Jeff” Burton (racecar driver); Jeffrey Francis (baseball player); Jeffery “Jeff” Gordon (racecar driver); Jeffrey “Jeff” Daniels (actor); Jeffrey “Jeff” Bridges (actor); Jeffrey “Jeff” Foxworthy (comic/actor); Jeffrey “Jeff” Goldblum (actor); Jeffrey “Jeff” Probst (host of Survivor); Jeffrey “Jeff” Bezos (founder of Amazon.com)

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