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Cosmopolitan Cool

So what exactly are the ingredients to the recipe for a Cosmo-Cool name? Hard to say. There are just certain names which carry a “je ne sais quoi” quality – European cool, cosmopolitan, two parts sophistication and one part refined elegance.  It’s mostly the French, Italian and Spanish names from the so-called Romance languages. We’ve added other internationally famous names that come from the Germanic, Slavic, Hebrew, and other language groups, but for some reason the French, Italian and Spanish seem to corner the market on Euro-coolness.

The French are especially known for their exquisite taste in just about everything: food, fashion and even the attractive monikers they bestow upon their children: Chloé, Camille, Colette, Esmé, Genevieve, Giselle and Juliette for example.  The Italians give us such lovely names as Francesca, Gianna, Giovanna, Lucia and Sofia. Some Spanish names sound simply poetic: Alejandra, Esperanza, and Valentina. Charming masculine names include Jean-Baptiste, Pierre, Leonardo, Orlando, Dante, Francisco and Diego. There are certain names that imbue an appealing ethnic flair but are also readily adopted by other cultures throughout Europe and the west in general. Below are names which we feel have “cosmopolitan cool” written all over them.

Cosmopolitan Cool – Boy Names

Cosmopolitan Cool – Girl Names

Cosmopolitan Cool – Unisex Names

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