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Putting the Cart Before the Horse

Using surnames as first names has become a major trend in the United States. Historically speaking, though, this is not a new development in terms of naming styles. Surnames have been used as given names for a long time but, until very recently, last names were usually bestowed upon babies under the following conditions: 1) The baby was male; 2) It was the surname of a greatly admired figure of importance (Lincoln, Jefferson, Jackson, for instance); 3) It was the maiden name of the mother and she came from good stock, thus perpetuating a prominent family name; and/or 4) The baby was born in the South, where geographically speaking Americans have had a longer tradition of using surnames as forenames.

No longer reserved for just a few babies here and there, using last names as first names is quite fashionable and extraordinarily trendy – and this nationwide trend is no longer reserved for little boys. Starting around the 1980s, American parents of baby girls began to seize this naming style with a vengeance. Mason and Logan have become the favorites for little boys and parents of baby girls are going mad over Madison and Addison. Here are a few more surnames to consider:

Putting the Cart Before the Horse – Boy Names

Putting the Cart Before the Horse – Girl Names

Putting the Cart Before the Horse – Unisex Names

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